Winternights 2014 report

On November 23, 2014 Keeper of Seasons Hall met to celebrate its seventeenth Winternights. We met at the Pueblo Montaño trailhead in the afternoon to gain at least a little warmth during one of the colder weeks to date. Due to cold temperatures and frequent winds, we saw no other people in the area as we made our way to our destination on the bank of the Rio Grande, the same site we had used the previous three years. The weather also meant we saw less wildlife than in previous years. Aside from a few ravens and crows huddled together in the trees, we seemed to be alone in the Bosque. Continue reading

Winternights 2013 report

On November 10, 2013 Keeper of Seasons Hall met to celebrate its sixteenth Winternights. We met at the Pueblo Montaño trailhead on an afternoon whose warm weather made a pleasant contrast to the weather of the previous year. We met many others in the area enjoying the respite from the cold and the fall colors of the Bosque as we made our way to our destination on the bank of the Rio Grande, the same site we had used the previous two years. The familiar wildlife of the years before 2012 was back; we saw and heard a number of ducks, crows, cranes, and other birds as we walked. Continue reading

CUUPs Winternights Script 2012

In October 2012, I had the privilege to lead a Winternights celebration for the Coyote Willow Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. While CUUPs welcomes the participation of persons from all religious backgrounds, it seems that the majority of the participants practice different kinds of Wiccan-influenced eclectic Pagan tradition. Creating a ritual that was accessible to those participating while remaining true to my own form of Heathenry was an entertaining exercise. Continue reading

Winternights 2012 report

Keeper of Seasons Hall met to celebrate its fifteenth Winternights November 10, 2012. While for the most part the weather to date had been warm and dry, the morning we met at the Pueblo Montaño trailhead was cold, overcast, and windy. Intermittent drops of rain fell as we made our way to our destination on the bank of the Rio Grande, the same site we had used last year. Perhaps because of the weather, we saw less wildlife than in previous visits, though we did see a few ducks and crows, and at least once we heard the sound of cranes flying overhead. Continue reading

Winternights 2011 report

Keeper of Seasons Hall met to celebrate its fourteenth Winternights November 6, 2011. Though the drought gripping New Mexico had continued, there had been enough precipitation that the Bosque was once again open (in fact, it had rained for a few hours the previous morning), so we met at the Pueblo Montaño trailhead and hiked for a time until we reached our destination on the bank of the Rio Grande. The site was one we had not used for many years, but it offered a spectacular view of the river; during our time there, we were made aware of the presence of ducks, cranes, ravens, and crows. Continue reading

Winternights 2011 Handout

Winternights (Veturnóttum)

 Literary quotations (emphasis mine):

Austrfararvisur St. 4-5

Réðk til Hofs at hœfa;/ hurð vas aptr, en ek spurðumk/ (inn settak nef nenninn)/ niðrlútr fyrir útan;/ orð gatk fæst af fyrðum,/ (flǫgð baðk) en þau sǫgðu,/ hnekðumk heiðnir rekkar,/ heilagt (við þau deila).

Gakkat inn, kvað ekkja,/ armi drengr, en lengra;/ hræðumk ek við Óðins/ (erum heiðin vér) reiði;/ rýgr kvazk inni eiga/ óþekk sús mér hnekði/ alfa blót sem ulfi/ ótvín í bœ sínum.

To Hof I struck the path./ The door was shut. Outside/ I had to ask. I bent down,/ Poked my nose in to see./ Not much I learned from that household./ They said, “Today is holy.”/ Heathen bullies threw me out./ To Hell with them, say I!

“No farther can you enter,/ You wretch!” said the woman./ “Here we are heathens/ And I fear the wrath of Odin.”/ She shoved me out like a wolf,/ That arrogant termagant,/ Said she was holding sacrifice/ To elves there in her house. (Page translation, Continue reading

Pagan Pride Day 2011 Presentation Handout

One of the handouts available at the talk I gave during this year’s Pagan Pride Day in Albuquerque:

Glossary for The Basics of Asatru
(and other forms of Heathenry and Paganism inspired by pre-Conversion Germanic religion)

Æsir: One of the families of gods. Some of the better-known include Odin, Frigg, and Thor.

Alfar: Elves. Often called alfar to avoid people confusing them with fantasy, Lord of the Rings style elves. Believed by some Heathens to be deceased male ancestors.

Asatru: Literally, “faith in the Æsir,” though it isn’t strictly limited just to worship of the Æsir; all wights allied with the Æsir and humanity may be worshipped. It is the reconstruction and revival of the pre-Conversion religion(s) of the Germanic peoples.

Æ, æ: Ash. In modern Icelandic, pronounced like English “eye.” Continue reading

Winternights 2010 report

On November 7, 2010 Keeper of Seasons Hall celebrated Winternights on the bank of the Rio Grande in the Bosque. The day of the celebration was unusually warm, even with the mild onset of winter that has become a regular feature of Albuquerque for the past few years; the sun shone brightly, and the temperature approached (though did not quite reach) 70 degrees Fahrenheit. We met at the Montaño trailhead, chatted for a time, and headed to our site, an area the Hall has used a number of times now. Though we did not see as many cranes or geese as in previous years, we saw quite a few ducks and many times heard the raucous cries of crows and ravens in the trees.

Continue reading

Winternights 2009 Report

On October 31st, 2009 the membership of Keeper of Seasons Hall met to celebrate Winternights.

We met at a trailhead in the Sandia foothills at about noon, and after exchanging some pleasantries and my slinging the bag full of horns and mead over my shoulder, we departed on our short hike to a rocky outcropping well-known and loved by the Hall. Continue reading