Life in Early Spring

Sometimes in thinking about the conversion and its accompanying destruction of life, knowledge, and culture, I’m filled with rage and sorrow. Because I believe it’s more important to solve problems than wallow in grief dwelling on them, and because I don’t think there’s anything inherently virtuous about being a victim, I don’t indulge myself often. Every now and again, though, I fantasize about a world in which Thorgeir Lawspeaker emerged from under the cloak and gave judgement against the new religion, in which the various scholars and scientists refused to recant, or the newly discovered peoples managed to unite and repulse their conquerors. Continue reading

Ásatrúbats Font

Though I created this font some 10 years ago when there were very few artistic resources available online for heathens, I think it still has some merit today. It may not be nearly the quality of the vector I produce today, but it may still prove useful. I present this font for your personal use, licensed under the creative commons. Continue reading