Midsummer 2016 report

On June 26, 2016 Keeper of Seasons Hall met to celebrate Midsummer. We met in Tijeras, NM on the last morning of the 2016 Southwest Frith Moot, which most of the currently active members of the Hall attended. 

Though it was cooler in the mountains than in Albuquerque, it was still warm. Additionally, we did not want to disrupt the goings-on at the Moot. Accordingly, we met relatively early in the morning at a large tree near a site where many members of the Hall had camped for the Moot.

We made our way through three rounds of hails. The first round was primarily hails to the powers of the season and to gods such as Tyr. The second round was devoted to our ancestors and personal heroes, and the third was in honor of the worthy deeds of persons in attendance as well as individuals not present for the celebration. A few members of the Hall felt moved to make additional hails after the three primary rounds.

After the remaining contents of the horn had been poured in libation, we had breakfast in the shade by Schuyler’s campsite. Allison made pancakes, and everyone shared food and drink they had brought for the occasion. When we were done, we broke down a few of the campsites. Some of the Hall made their farewells to the other attendees of the Moot and returned to their homes, while others lingered to continue in the activities the Moot offered.

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