About Keeper of Seasons Hall

Two heathens giving an offering at a tree.Keeper of Seasons Hall is an Albuquerque, New Mexico based independent religious group focused on honoring the Gods and Goddesses primarily through studying the culture and religion of the Nordic/Germanic peoples. Our reconstructionist religious movement is generally referred to as Ásatrú, or Heathenry, and is a living religion practiced by many people in various countries. The term “Ásatrú” literally translates as “faith in the Æsir,” Ásatrú also implies, however, a belief in the Vanir and various other wights. The Æsir and Vanir are widely known as the Gods and Goddesses of the Old Norse Eddas and sagas.

We hold open monthly meetings on the second Sunday of each month and members often choose to gather in celebration of the blóts of Ásatrú. Though we follow general calendar dates to schedule our celebrations, we most closely follow the natural seasonal changes here in New Mexico. Our most important events include Winternights, which is held on or around October 31st, Yule, which is held toward the second half of December, and Midsummer, held on or around the 21st of June. Though our monthly meetings are open to all interested parties, all other Keeper of Seasons Hall functions require advance invitation to attend.

“Keeper of Seasons” is a modern kenning for “raven” derived from an ancient kenning found in Snorri Sturluson‘s Skaldskaparmal. The original kenning was “Year-Counter.” As Albuquerque enjoys seasonal visits by ravens, we thought a raven a fitting symbol for us and our activities. Our blots are nothing if not seasonal, and in the way that we continue to celebrate the blots, we too are “Keepers of Seasons.”

Any parties interested in Keeper of Seasons Hall should contact our Ritari.  Please check our Ritari’s Calendar for dates and locations for the monthly meetings.

Keeper of Seasons Hall is a non-discriminatory group created to provide an environment in which one can practice Ásatrú and gain deeper understanding of the principles and practices of our re-awakened Heathen religion. We will not tolerate hatred, intolerance, or discrimination based on age, color, ethnicity, gender, language, national origin, race, sexual orientation, or any other decisive criteria. We welcome anyone who is truly interested in the religion.

For further information, please feel free to contact us any time.

Erich Campbell, Founder